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  • Reclaiming the Spirit of Byron
    Reclaiming the Spirit of Byron

    This website presents a plan which demonstrates one way that Byron Bay Town Centre can be rehabilitated in harmony with  nature to be self-sufficient, to become an environmentally aware "people place", while retaining the relaxed alternative lifestyle locals enjoy...  and to thus enhance our spiritual wellbeing within an economically balanced system

    This approach to planning the future of Byron Bay puts humanity over economy - because we are only the caretakers of this sacred place.

  • A Local Vision
    A Local Vision

    The Master Plan for Byron Bay we present here has many valuable components : a LANDSCAPING PLAN that rehabilitates the wetlands, the beach and secures biodiversity, linking these with green connections throughout the town, giving a nature theme to the streetscape. The PERMACULTURE MARKET GARDENS compost fertilizer and supply food directly to the town with zero food miles. The TRAFFIC PLAN shows how cars & people can be separated within the town centre by providing alternative car parks and direct walkway links. ENERGY WATER & WASTE MANAGEMENT allows the town to generate its own electricity, to collect, treat & recirculate grey water, and to recycle waste to be profitable.

byron bay & bangalow master plans
Alternative Master Plans for Byron Bay Township, West Byron & Bangalow
Local architect John Sparks offers an holistic vision of a tranformational project for strengthening the local community, and enhancing the natural amenity and appeal of two unique Australian towns... introducing a futuristic town plan that celebrates and reinforces Byron Bay's unique lifestyle values, (incl. West Byron & Bangalow). Get involved! call +61 417 088 806
The Plan includes:

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Aim
  • Methodology
  • Planning Strategy +
byron bay master plan
OUR PLAN INCLUDES a comprehensive Zero Carbon Solution
A holistic planning strategy and vision for Byron Bay's (and now Bangalow's) future offered in the hope of sparking informed and empassioned local debate, and contributing to a local consensus and an inclusive solution for Byron Bay's planning and development, which is forward thinking and local-centric.  For more info call +61 417 088 806
An innovative view of:
  • Energy, Water & Waste
  • Landscaping
  • Circulation/traffic
  •  reclaiming the spirit of Byron

Connection to place through community involvement

  • Celebrating Byron's lifestyle
    Celebrating Byron's lifestyle

    The Byron Master Plan encourages visitors to  enjoy our unique local lifestyle not dictate it.

  • Supporting the environment
    Supporting the environment

    The Byron Bay Master Plan maintains & extends nature throughout the town. 

  • Respecting the Spirit of Byron
    Respecting the Spirit of Byron

    Continues Cavanbah as a meeting place for people and ideas.

  • Preserving Open Spaces
    Preserving Open Spaces

    Interacting in nature to live, work, play and communicate - people before buildings.

  • Co-creating with nature
    Co-creating with nature

    Self-sufficient in energy, water, waste and food.

  • A People Place
    A People Place

    Pedestrian priority within the town. People before buildings.

Byron. It's aspiritual place...
Always has been, always will be...

ln recent times, the relentless pressure of commercialism and "progress" has pushed the small town of Byron Bay beyond its capacity to absorb the ideals of many interest groups and activities, and many locals feel a threat to the unique alternative lifestyle we enjoy - which was an important reason that people come to live here in the first place.

This website presents a study by a local architect which assesses the potential of a vision for Byron Bay Town Centre to encompass its natural surrounds and enhance the open environment to be an integral part of the town. This alternative "unofficial" town plan makes no apology for being "visionary" and  includes the potential to be self-sufficient by generating energy, recycling water, reusing waste and producing food in a sustainable "zero carbon" town.

In the planning document presented herein the town structure is defined by four major open spaces, north, south, east and west and each of these spaces is assessed to establish their constraints, potential and a concept to achieve this potential.

These concepts are used as the basis of this "alternative" Master Plan, which completes the connections between the open natural environment and the circulation, traffic, functioning and enjoyment of the town as a whole. Ultimately it is aimed at people who live in and enjoy Byron Bay for the unique place it has become, to enhance the lifestyle values it embodies, and to ensure the fascinating and attractive qualities that have made Byron Bay known and loved across the world are retained and not lost to unwise development that is focussed on commercial considerations alone. We hope this plan for Byron Bay 's future is a catalyst for a wider community discussion, vibrant even impassioned debate and ultimately intelligent exchange between all stakeholders - representatives, Council staff, business people and local residents. Our vision now takes in the controversial West Byron Devleopment and the quaint heritage village of Bangalow.

download Byron Bay Masterplan PDF Click icon to down load

Byron Bay Masterplan PDF. 

download Byron Bay Masterplan PDF Click icon to down load

Bangalow Masterplan PDF.