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Each of the concepts for the four major open space areas which form the structure of the town are now combined to produce the overall town concept shown in diagram No 13 above (mouse-over the plan over to zoom in).

This master plan now includes the commercial hub and extends south to Browning Street to include the town approaches.

The central town area which is dominated by the built environment is softened by street landscaping which extends the natural environments on the periphery and brings this theme through the town.

To make the area more people friendly, car spaces have been reduced in a section of Lawson Street and removed in the narrow end of Jonson Street to be replaced with wider footpaths, tree planting and landscaping.

A row of trees along the centre of Lawson Street also provides a shady canopy to the streetscape. The car parking spaces are compensated by the many additional spaces in other parts of the town.

The central town area is a place of high pedestrian activity and there is potential to provide additional arcades and use lane access more effectively for covered market spaces, additional shops, creative artistic spaces or coffee places.

The connecting streets, pathways and links between the major open spaces now gain more significance as they give purpose to the journey from one experience to the next as well as facilitating the dispersal of many visitors throughout the town.

The interest and enjoyment of the town is now extended to encompass the complete range of active and passive, educational and recreational, intimate and expansive, personal and community, inspirational and challenging pursuits which are all part of Byron Bay.

The commercial hub of the town centre is an area of high pedestrian activity so preference shouldbe given to people, bikes, skateboards and access for people with disabilities with any service vehicles or cars encouraged to operate outside of peak pedestrian periods.

A town road bypass is provided along the top end of Butler Street, then alongside the railway reservation which will not only keep through traffic out of the town centre but will also provide many additional car parking spaces with increased pedestrian links and walkways directly to the full length of the town commercial activities.

This bypass uses the top end of Butler Street along the park and market place, it is then diverted with a roundabout giving access to the existing Butler Street residential road, to a bus only town access and to the new bypass road reservation alongside the railway.

This location allows the Butler Street residential area to remain as a separate residential precinct, has less impact on the natural environment, provides car parking and allows direct pedestrian access to town facilities. At the southern end of this road a multi-level car park could be provided with a station platform next to the existing railway track for a short enjoyable train ride to the town station.

Another car park In Kendall Street at the end of Shirley Street could also have a platform for a northern train ride to town and with these trains operating from each end of the town an efficient public transport system is provided at minimal cost.

The overall town concept sets out a framework and principles for the town to function more efficiently and use the natural assets that are available to us in a sustainable way.

This framework, once established, will provide a positive direction, focus and cohesiveness for thetown yet allow for spontaneity, innovation and flexibility within the overall framework to best use the towns resources and the initiative of the people who live here.

The essential components shown in the overall town concept and for the principles to be establishedin realising our Master Plan are to:-

  • provide a pedestrian plaza at the top of end of Jonson Street
  • relocate the roadway between Lawson and Bay Streets through the existing car park
  • relocate the swimming pool on the beachfront
  • provide a new pool and water sports centre in Tennyson Street
  • relocate the beachfront car park
  • extend the Main Beach park across the whole beachfront
  • rehabilitate the natural wetland and all vegetation areas
  • provide a community meeting place and facilities around the Library/Middleton Street precinct
  • provide environmental information and education centres
  • establish a nature based stormwater management system with grey water reticulation to the town
  • establish a permaculture market garden on a commercial basis to service the food needs of the town
  • provide a composting worm farm for efficient waste treatment
  • create a high pedestrian priority area in the town
  • replace car parks with landscaping in the central town area
  • provide a new town bypass with car parking and direct pedestrian access to the town
  • provide new car parks in Kendall Street and Cowper Street with train access to Railway Park station
  • upgrade Railway Park to a central town square
  • provide a new transit centre with bus only access from Butler Street
  • upgrade the market facilities in Butler Street
  • provide nature trails and walkways through wetland areas.

These principles will allow us to satisfy our aims for a future Byron Town Centre which will be:-

  • a zero carbon town centre for all buildings and services
  • self-sufficient in energy, water and food
  • a fully sustainable natural environment
  • a holistic community with health and well being
  • respectful to the spirit of the land, the water and the people
  • respecting tradtional owners
  • a meeting place for all communities
  • an alternative place for people to visit
  • a people place with pedestrian priority
  • venue for all community activities
  • an efficient producer of goods and services
  • an environment of biodiversity for all plants and species



The overall master plan is a representation of the many components which contribute to the total environment.

There are essentially many master plans which include a:-

  • Landscaping master plan
  • Circulation and traffic plan
  • Energy management plan
  • Water management plan
  • Waste management plan

All of these would need to be prepared by specialist consultants in order to implement many of the ideas presented and to fulfil the overall principles of the Master Plan.

A brief overview of some of the components which may be covered by these plans is included as a basis for ongoing design. 

download Byron Bay Masterplan PDF Click icon to down load Byron Bay Masterplan PDF.