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Byron Bay is a spiritual place.

Always has been, always will be.

This master plan outlines an alternative way of being by valuing our natural assets and the open spaces where we live, work, play, communicate and interact.

We are an alternative to the relentless push of commercialism and political expediency that would only destroy the reason for being here and the attraction that draws visitors.

We present an alternative lifestyle that seeks to emulate the proper values of a society that respects each other and believes in themselves, to feel free to express ourselves with the abilities and initiative we have been given.

The natural beauty and cultural diversity of Byron has attracted the people who have come to make this place their home and our community use of local resources, knowledge and skills, the creative artists, innovative enterprises, growers of food, performers and our wealth of talented people nowcreate the unique alternative community which attract visitors from around the world.

We have been given a legacy of whaling, mining, and the unsustainable results of commercialexploitation which came in the name of progress.

Our future depends on repairing the real assets that are Byron Bay – the nature, the people and theenergy to make this town self-sufficient and sustainable so we can enjoy it now and show futuregenerations a better way to live.

This is the real progress – to a better way of living and the visitors who come to see an alternativelifestyle will leave refreshed and uplifted.

Byron Bay is not a commodity to be exploited, it is a living, breathing community of people whohonour the spirit of the land, the water, each other and ourselves.

We are not in competition with other resort destinations or commercial institutions, we are a selfsufficient co-operative of loving people who speak from our hearts. As the sign painted on the footpath says – lose the ego, this is Byron Bay.

We don’t want the fragmentation of urbanism, we don’t benefit from the designer boutiques, the dominating technology, the imported commodities, or the loss of social esteem that is offered in the name of profit. We only ask to be ourselves because that’s who we choose to be. We all have a choice and we have made ours.

Imagine a Town Centre without alcohol.

There would be a decreased level of violence, less aggression, quiet nightclubs, less frustration, less personal abuse, less domestic violence, reduced crime, reduced injuries, safer hospitals, less medical demand, no need for emergency services, reduced police presence, and, no need for securitycameras. There would be happier people, family friendly venues, safer streets, more co-operation not conflict, less poverty, less intolerance, more social interaction and inclusion, less illness, higher self-esteem, peace and respect for others and greater personal freedom.

Imagine a smoke free town centre.

Lismore has done this – why not Byron?

Imagine a town where profits made in the town were channelled back into the community.

Imagine a town where all the buildings are painted in bright colours and the street furniture are pieces of art.

Imagine a town with less cars and priority to pedestrians.

Imagine a Town Centre with street trees and planting in all of the streets and open spaces bringing the open landscaping of our surrounding nature into the Town Centre.

Imagine zero food miles with all our food sourced locally.

Imagine a fully sustainable zero carbon Town Centre with energy, waste, and water systems using natural resources.

Byron is all about giving, contributing, caring and communicating with loving intent. This is sustainable and we welcome visitors who want to share this love for people, for community, for nature and for self. This is sustainable because it is the proper way.

Byron is a place of healing, it connects the material realm to the universal realm. Many people are involved in healing and alternative therapies, including energetic healing, acupuncture, chiropractic, land energy, geomancy, earth healing, space healing, feng shui, and ley lines.

We co-create with nature, we respect and honour the natural beauty of this place because this is the reason for being here and the life we have chosen.

We are allowed to be free and enjoy our freedom to sing, dance, create and express ourselves as the individuals we choose to be and live as we should, in harmony with nature and each other.

This is the Byron way.

This is the Spirit of Byron.

The real essence of Byron Bay is shown on the following pages in diagrams 18 to 21 prepared by Debby Horne which illustrate some of the natural assets, spontaneous activities and possibilities as we continue to manifest our community fully in tune with our natural environment.